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Baker's Hands

Dr. Kim Jobst

Human Behaviour & Transformation

My motto:

Everything everywhere is in balance

Worthy reminder... 

When not working, I am... 

Walking the countrysides of England, visiting Prague and visiting my children in Edinburgh

Dr. Kim in one word? 


A Bit About Me

I am an award-winning Metaphysician, a Consultant in Integrative Medicine dedicated to Integration in Science, Healing and Holistic Healthcare. My alchemical Mission is to establish and use the Science of Meaning to serve as a Healer of peoples and nations.

I began my training in Agricultural Sciences and Forestry at Oxford University, transitioning in to Physiological Sciences and Medicine at Oxford, St. Thomas’s Hospital, London and Glasgow Universities, gaining specialist qualifications in Internal Medicine, Neurodegeneration and Dementia, and Homoeopathic Medicine, having earlier gained distinctions in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, and Jungian Analytical Psychology.


I studied with Dr. Anthony Stevens MRCPsych, Dr Donny Epstein DC (father of Network Spinal Analysis) , Tony Robbins (Mastery University), Michael Harris (Iconic Shift and Find Your Light-bulb) and Dr. John F. Demartini as a trained Facilitator of the Demartini MethodTM which I have incorporated into my own work. I am the Founding Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine: Research on Paradigm, Practice and Policy, and was visiting Professor in Healthcare and Integrated Medicine in Oxford. I was invited by His Holiness The Dalai Lama to discuss Global Health and Mental Wellbeing for Mankind in 1991 and in 2013 was presented with a Lifetime achievement award for my services to Integrative Medicine by Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu.


As the Clinical Director of the Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Aging (OPTIMA), I and my colleagues led internationally recognized collaborative research into brain aging, Neurodegeneration and the Dementias, developing strategies for diagnosis and treatment and uncovering key nutritional risk factors.


I now co-direct my own practice, Functional Shift Consulting Ltd, a Healthcare consultancy in London and Hereford, UK. I am a founding member of The National Care Farm Initiative in the UK. and I also find time to serve on a number of Scientific Advisory Boards for emerging energy medicine technologies, in the USA and in India, particularly with the Soukya International Holistic Health and Healing Initiative in Bangalore, India and with the College of Medicine in the UK.


I have four children and live in London. I love connecting deeply with people and nature, travelling and teaching all over the world, and especially communicating with people from all walks of life, sharing and preparing food around which to delve deep in to the mysteries of the Universe connecting to the Divine Order.

Areas of Expertise

Integrated Medical Consultancy / Transformational Healthcare

Across India, the UK and Europe, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, China, Israel; 




- Healthcare, Lifestyle

and Transformation Consultancy


- Food-state nutritional supplementation

to support your shift into 

optimum health

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