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Jax Harrison

Speaker Bio

My motto:

More flow,. less force

Worth knowing... 

When not working, I am... 

Learning how to surf, snorkel and swim in the Atlantic ocean just off the coast of Ireland.

Shannon in one word? 

Energy.! (a lot of energy)

A Bit About Me

Accent Canadian, passport Irish! My happy place is resolving growth for and with business owners of SME who operate in the top 2% of their field.  They are experts, they have solutions that shift industry and their vision is palpable.  They are dedicated to resolving problems that affect the lives of tens of thousands, and/or they are dedicated to transforming mediocrity into excellence. 

My story began circa aged 13 when I resolved to fix my dad's business growth challenges. I launched my first marketing campaign 2 weeks later and have dedicated my life to understanding how to create sustainable and profitable growth for founder/owner businesses. 

Fast forward 100ish years later, and it turns out persistence really does pay off. Today I support firms in three distinct ways: business development, media & influence and People ready to level up to ensure the best possible results from the commercial targets they are on their way to realising.  

Next Gen Business Growth is not just a philosophy for NB3, it's a way of life for me. It encapsulates how I live, work and play - and in the business arena, it is one of the most effective ways to generate sustainable and profitable results. 

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Areas of Expertise

Financial Services Industry

Traditional Finance industry across UK, Ireland, Middle East, Emirates USA, Canada, Asia; 


Supporting: two types of firms


- FinTechs selling into Regulated Institutions; direct and through channel partnerships.


- Professional Services firms & Subject Matter Experts, selling into Regulated  Institutions, 

Since  summer of 2021, I have been working in DeFi, NewFi, DLT, and related Advisory for firms operating or transitioning into Web3

B2B: Business Development, Business Transformation, Business Management, Business Intelligence.

B2B: PR (being seen), Marketing (call to action) Sales (transactions), Retention & Advocacy (organic growth)

B2B: Executive Coaching, Critical Thought Leadership, Personal Brand, Professional Growth, Personal Growth, Culture Change,

B2B: Executive Coaching, Critical Thought Leadership, Personal Brand, Professional Growth, Personal Growth, Culture Change,

B2B: Content, Media Reports, Industry Whitepapers, infographics with video, audio, text, design as formats - media design, media production, media publishing, media promotion

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