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Kasia Nowaczyk

Business Innovation & Blockchain

My motto:

Fail faster, fail cheaper, fail forward

Worthy reminder... 

When not working, I am... 

Enjoying Switzerland's scenery, my local gym's playlist, and mapping out use cases for blockchain-inspired business models. 

Kasia in one word? 


A Bit About Me

I did a trip around the world when I was 8. I was hugged by a man without limbs when I was 40.

My bucket list still has a few amazing points to cross off.


My passion in life is to enable others to grow. My professional career led me to places around the world, to people who inspired and taught me lessons, and to projects that let me develop my skills and competencies. I was fortunate to work for a company that invented the internet.

I witnessed the birth of the cloud (the technical one), the concept of an intelligent fridge (IoT), and the disappearance of a physical desk phone (replaced by software). 


Leaving Fortune 500 company and onboarding an entrepreneurial journey was one of the scariest leaps forward I have ever made. Being catapulted out of my comfort zone showed me that we really are like tea bags - the only way to know how strong we are is to put us in boiling water. Having this experience under my belt allows me to understand the challenges of founders and smaller businesses on their path, and their desire to grow and succeed in this ever-changing environment.


In all my projects I always bring the POST mantra with me. Start with PEOPLE. Define OBJECTIVES. Create STRATEGY. Use TECHNOLOGY. I use tools like Design Thinking to help businesses define business outcomes, and drive transformation and market leadership. I help Startups with their business design and seasoned companies with business innovation. I complement my competencies with blockchain in business practice and enjoy supporting blockchain-based projects that deliver solutions that put the customer in the center and start to disrupt every aspect of their lives. That said, everything I do professionally has to tick two personal boxes for me –

I have to learn something new and I have to have fun. 


Areas of Expertise

17 years at Cisco leading business transformation (internal and business partners); now going on 3 years working with Startups and FinTechs on business model design and innovation, including blockchain in business applications. 

Across European Union; 


  • Small and medium businesses with business model innovation (a trio of Customer Insights - Value Proposition - Business Model) 

  • Decreasing the odds (9:1) of Startup failure through digitising business model design journeys 

  • Analysing the impact of new blockchain-enabled business models on traditional businesses and designing transformation journeys for capturing future revenue streams. 

Business Transformation

Business Innovation

Business Models & Blockchain

Design Thinking/Service Design

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