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Leo Cullen

Products, Technology, Market Intelligence

and #DeFi4TradFi

My motto:

Quality, not quantity.

Worthy reminder... 

When not working, I am... 

Chanting, swimming, and training in the park on the balance beam.

Leo in one word? 

Curious (AF)

A Bit About Me

I like nothing more than diving deep into any given task (in Ireland we say, 'getting stuck in') to understand the issues from the ground up in order to formulate strategies that create revenue-generating solutions and opportunities.


Relationships, effective communication, and trust lie at the heart of my business life — with colleagues, clients, and the broader business community. Having a bit of fun helps a lot, too.

I have been fortunate enough to work with banking, legal, corporate, and multilateral organisations around the world, and have spoken at industry events on four continents. I was also a founding Member of the ICC Market Intelligence Group — set up to examine global trends in international trade finance, and coordinate input from all project partners/participants: WTO, World Bank, IMF, SWIFT, IFC, IDB, ADB, and 100's of Banks from around the world.


Areas of Expertise

Retail Banking /
International Trade Finance / Receivables Finance / DeFi

Across Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East & North Africa; 




- FinTechs selling into Regulated Institutions; direct and through channel partnerships.

Keen interest in blockchain/Bitcoin since 2017. The evolution of DeFi since 2020 has convinced me of the value of the sector for traditional finance institutions.

B2B: Market Intelligence, Whitepaper Writing, Business/Industry Surveys, Copywriting, Editing.

B2B: Project Management, Product Design, Development and Promotion, Channel Partners.

B2B: Instructional/Promotional Video Design, Bespoke e-learning Creation, Communication Platform Design.

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