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Position & optimise your brand with and through, our ecosystem of media partners, industry stakeholders & Critical Thought Leaders to give you a healthier sales funnel

Funds Ireland Mini Conf (FIMC) was conceived, sponsored and delivered inside 8-weeks to coincide with a Central Bank Announcement. 

The virtual event generated 560 participants and was  overwhelmingly rated as the best funds event experience of their career. 

6 and 12-month

Influence Programs

Co-created critical thought leadership that leverages an ecosystem of our experts across Financial Services, our media partners and journalists to raise your influence and impact.


Industry insights that bend minds, shape business and firmly anchors your influence and impact campaign for the best possible results.

Mini Conference, Industry Reports & White Papers

Partner with us to produce a critical thought leadership media piece that educates & influences your market, putting you shoulder to shoulder with your ideal prospects, and potential partners.


Our studio curates, creates and connects critical thought leadership, community and prospective clients in single hard working media campaign.

What Our Clients Say


Matt Green, The Crypto Lawyer

NB3 has been fundamental in the growth of my personal brand- from making critical introductions to key players, to ensuring content is on point and published. There’s clear and considered thought in Biz Dev strategies which have opened doors and launched genuine collaborations, from crypto custodians, to accountants and trad-fi professionals.

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