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Celebrity DiSC Profiles

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

DISC is a tool that describes the thoughts and behaviours of individuals for the purpose of improving business performance in the areas of selling, coaching, hiring, productivity, leadership, communication, and product development.

Imagine 4 Quadrants:

Starting with the top left and moving clockwise:

D - Dominant

i - Influence

S - Steady

C - Compliance

Another way of labeling these 4 quadrants would be:

D - Commanders

i - Communicators

S - Completers

C - Calculators

We are typically a blend of 2 of these 4 quadrants represented by a Capital Letter and a small or capital second letter to represent the level of dominance in our natural disposition - for example, I am a D small i - with hints of the 3rd and 4th quadrant somewhere in our sphere.

Our primary quadrant will be evident in our demeanor, conversation, a hierarchy of priorities, dress sense, how we navigate conflict, and how we sell our wares.

By "people reading," we may ascertain which DiSC style most accurately reflects our knowledge of a certain actor, singer, media personality, politician, or even fictitious character. It just requires a fundamental knowledge of the four primary DiSC types and some straightforward observations of a person's behavioral inclinations and favored situations.

Brief explanations of each DiSC style are provided below, along with examples of well-known people who may be said to embody each style's traits.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that all instances are based on informal observation. It's possible that what we notice about someone's behavior in public and what we would notice in their private life are extremely different. The apparent DiSC style of a character may also be very different from the actor's own DiSC style.


D STYLE: Dominance

Direct and aggressive, these individuals value accomplishment and action, and they often move quickly and are task-oriented.

  • Jennifer Lopez (Actor, Musician)

  • Tiger Woods (Athlete)

  • Judith Sheindlin (Judge Judy)

  • Gordon Ramsay (TV personality, “Hell’s Kitchen”)

  • Cher (Musician)

  • Simon Cowell (TV personality, “America’s Got Talent”)

  • Robert De Niro (Actor)

  • Richard Nixon (Former President of the United States)

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (Actor/Politician)

  • Michael Jordan (Athlete)


I STYLE: Influence

People that favor this style tend to be vivacious and sociable, value connections and energy, and are often fast-paced and people-focused.

  • Bill Clinton (Former President of the United States)

  • Ariana Grande (Actor/Musician)

  • Elton John (Musician)

  • Oprah (TV Personality)

  • Ashton Kutcher (Actor)

  • Maya Angelou (American Memoirist)

  • Jay Leno (TV Personality)

  • Janelle Monae (Actor)

  • Muhammad Ali (Athlete)

  • Dolly Parton (Musician)


S STYLE: Steadiness

People that choose this style are usually calm and dependable, appreciate cooperation and predictability, and are often people-oriented and relatively fast-paced.

  • Diana, Princess of Wales (Former Princess)

  • Mahatma Gandhi (Civil rights figure)

  • Michelle Obama (Former First Lady)

  • Fred Rogers (TV character)

  • Malala Yousafzai (Pakistani Activist)

  • Michael J. Fox (Actor)

  • Nicole Kidman (Actor)

  • Jackie Chan (Actor)

  • Barbara Bush (Former First Lady)

  • Jimmy Carter (Former President of the United States)


C STYLE: Compliance

This type of person is analytical and private, values precision and standards, and is usually task-focused and relatively fast-paced.

  • Keanu Reeves (Actor)

  • Jodie Foster (Actor)

  • Matt Damon (Actor)

  • Queen Elizabeth II (Queen of the United Kingdom)

  • Albert Einstein (Theoretical physicist)

  • Kirsten Stewart (Actor)

  • Kevin Costner (Actor)

  • Kirsten Dunst (Actor)

  • Chris Pine (Actor)

  • Diane Sawyer (News Anchor)

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