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[INFOGRAPHIC] How to apply Brand Networking for a healthy Sales Funnel

This infographic combines a lot of pre-sales activity that when applied, yields a healthy sales funnel for b2b firms.

How to use this infographic styled guide:

  1. NB3 uses a variation of the traditional sales funnel that recognises the top of the funnel efforts as; creating, publishing and promoting Feel Goods, that are specifically put in place to set up Free Goods - the middle of the funnel, and so on.

  2. Each stage of the 4 stages of the Sales Funnel has a unique set of activities that when implemented consistently over time, yield results that make you want to warm up to this beast we call "marketing"

  3. Final helpful reminders:

    • PR is about being seen

    • Marketing is about a call to action

    • Sales is the point of purchase

    • All of it deserves quality brand networking ;)

If you feel heavy at the thought of figuring this out on your own, we have a free 45-minute consultation for that. Details on how to book that can be found here >


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