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Personalities Matter When Prospecting - Here’s Why

“There are so many people out there looking for you, and you think you’re looking for them.” — Darryl van Kirk, Entrepreneur, Network Marketer and Web Publisher

Prospecting is the single most important thing you can do every day to keep your sales going. And if you do it right, you shouldn't have to break the bank plus spend so much time on it.

If you don't know how to stand out from the crowd in the face of fierce competition, poor response rates, and an abundance of alternatives, it can be challenging to effectively reach out to prospects. Your message is far more likely to connect with and stimulate the attention of your intended audience if you use a customized approach and tailor your communication to match them.

You can better understand how to interact with and sell to each prospect once you know where they fall on the DISC wheel.

By being aware of their personality, you may make a lasting impression on a prospect. The idea is to reevaluate your perspective on prospecting.

Read through some of our tips on how you can deal with prospects depending on their personality.


D personality: Dominant

Famous D Styles: Kamala Harris, Mark Cuban, Donald Trump

Having control over the future and having personal authority are motivating factors for prospects with D personality types. Instantaneous, tangible results and competitive advantages are typically preferred by them.

Quick tip: Be brief and to the point.

Your Behavior: Put your energy into being clear and confident.

How You Should Communicate: Avoid small conversation and speak concisely and plainly.

Worth remembering: Use the dominant person's inclination for broad concepts and thorough planning to your advantage. Unless requested, avoid getting into specifics.

Prospecting Advice:


  • Pose direct inquiries

  • Request that they select the meeting time and/or location.

  • Be clear and concise


  • Be passive or reserved

  • Allow all calls or meetings to run past their scheduled time

  • Add too much detail


DISC type I personality: Influential

Famous I Styles: Dick Van Dyke, Taylor Swift, Conan O’Brien

I personality type prospects are inspired by original, creative, and cutting-edge ideas and are enthusiastic about the future. They often like creating new connections and encounters.

Quick tip: Be friendly and make small talk.

Your Behavior: Whatever conveys warmth, friendliness, and openness - maintain a positive attitude while telling interesting stories.

How You Should Communicate: Communicate in a casual and expressive way, making small talk before getting into the details.

Worth remembering: Influential people tend to be visual people. So bring illustrations whenever possible and keep track of all your key insights and action points in writing.

Prospecting Advice:


  • Request a call or meeting time that is more convenient

  • Keep your enthusiasm and empathy

  • Get them to take action


  • Use a serious tone of voice

  • Include too many specifics

  • Focus on facts and figures


DISC type S personality: Steady

Famous S Styles: Kate Middleton, Mother Theresa, Marie Kondo

Peace, safety, and the welfare of others are priorities for prospects with S personality types. They often favor safety, dependability, and trust.

Quick tip: Don't rush the discussion and ease into it.

Your Behavior: Asking them how their day is going and respecting their schedule will help them unwind. Avoid using a tone that is too aggressive or strong.

How You Should Communicate: Be amiable and sincere in your communication. Give them time to answer after you've asked them a question.

Worth remembering: It's important to keep in mind that you should build trust with a reliable prospect. Fit in with their schedule, establish a meeting agenda delivered in advance, and allow them time to consider and respond to your suggestions.

Prospecting Advice:


  • Gratitude for their time

  • Keep your voice soft

  • Include details concerning guarantees, exchanges, or refunds


  • Be aggressive or direct

  • Demand a prompt decision

  • Ignore their sentiments


DISC type C personality: Analytical

Famous C Styles: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elizabeth Warren

Logic, information, and problem-solving drive the motivation of potential clients with C personality types. They are more likely to favor truthful information and excellent solutions (quality over quantity).

Quick tip: be on time (or early) and set aside time before the meeting to study and prepare.

Your Behavior: Make a conscious effort to respect their time and showcase your knowledge. Avert posing pointless personal queries.

How You Should Communicate: Be factual and businesslike in your communication. Include all pertinent information and facts. No information is too little.

Worth Remembering: Calculating individuals are incredibly objective. If you enter and try to connect with them on a personal level, you will fail. Know the facts, but give the Calculating Person freedom to teach you. Never ever make a claim that cannot be supported by evidence.

Prospecting Advice:


  • Give specific data to back up your arguments.

  • Maintain a professional demeanor

  • Share the most crucial information as soon as possible.


  • Interrupt or switch the topic

  • Engage in pointless small conversation

  • Rush through the important points

An efficient sales prospecting strategy eliminates the anxiety associated with prospecting… but that comes with understanding who you are dealing with.

Knowing personality features in depth can help you better understand what your consumers want, why they want it, and how they want to connect with you further optimising your sales efforts.

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