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Pre-Sales Checklist for FinTechs selling to TradFi

We have organised a pre-sales checklist, specifically tailored for FinTechs selling to TradFi to demonstrate all of the moving parts involved with securing a b2b sale.

Pre-Sales Checklist - An Executive Summary:

  1. Current Business Model

  2. Industry Landscape by sector by geography

  3. Sales Funnel - an example of one can be found here

  4. Brand Networking - that operates across 5 key phases

  5. Access to an ecosystem to do your brand networking.

  6. Third Party Risk Assessment

  7. Pricing Strategy

  8. Technical Sales plan: collateral and your demo

  9. Mindset: Organic, Authentic, Relationship driven - this is not a numbers game, and we have proven time and time again, it is not a traffic game either.


Pre-Sales Checklist for FinTechs

1. Current Business Model

2. Industry Landscape x sector x geography

Why:: You want full visibility of the F.I.R.E. (Firms, Industry, Regulations, Experts) available to you:

  • Firms you want to sell to,

  • Industry Stakeholders you want to align with, partner with, do a joint venture with.

  • Regulations you want to. adhere to

  • Employees you want to develop and up-skill

How:: This falls under Market Intelligence & Desk Research

3. Sales Funnel

Why: It is your pipeline and it can be a very effective way to separate your messaging. Top of the Funnel messaging is largely education + inspiration as you meet, greet, and swap metaphorical introductions (also called Brand Awareness). .

How: Take our version over here and use it to inspire your own version. We have iterated our own sales funnel template over 10+ years so its a well tested, well proven funnel for b2b sales - direct or channel.

4. Brand Networking

Why: Because in b2b it is all about organic, authentic relationships. Brand Awareness just gets you an invitation to the party. Brand Recognition, Brand Trust - happens because you consistently show up and deliver what you said you would.

How: We have mapped out the 5 stages of Brand Networking that sees you go from: Hello, my name is.... to being in the inner circle co-creating and innovating industry with your clients, partners and industry titans.

5. Access to an Ecosystem

Why: In a word? Leverage! Participating in an ecosystem expedites your reach into partners, new business opportunities. and new markets faster than going it alone. Consider that being in one gives you greater opportunity for Brand Networking, relationship building and being thought of. by the rest of the ecosystem when an opportunity shows up that they feel would be up your alley.

How: We have one that we share with our clients - or you can create your own, or you can do some research and find one to try out.

6. Third Party Risk Assessment

Why; Because you think you are. a solution for a Retail Bank - but they thin you are a risk. You will want clarity on how a Financial Institution will perceive you, so you can take the necessary steps to demonstrate why you are no longer a risk. We know FinTechs who became ISO certified to address this assessment, and others who worked with NB3 expert Sam Glynn to secure alternatives to ISO to navigate procurement and the Bank's stakeholders to secure a new client.

How: NB3 provide FinTechs with Risk Assessments along with a pragmatic way of resolving any issues that are likely to arise at procurement stage.

7. Pricing Strategy

Why: There is a since to pricing your SaaS or API based solution and knowing how you compare to similar solutions in the industry, the long tail effect on your revenue, and the profitability in the company is key regardless of your exit-strategy

How: Experienced, industry veterans are a great resource to go and consult with. marketplaces you are looking to join, accelerators and government supported ventures for HGSU (High Growth Start Ups) are another source for insight, and NB3 would be another resource to get an effective pricing strategy in place.

8. Technical Sales Strategy

Why: Technical sales is a different conversation, requires different collateral and usually has a different set of stakeholders than the project owner, project sponsor. Developers,. Engineers and Security are typically present for Technical Sales efforts. Demos and supporting collateral at this stage of the sales funnel (lower middle. / bottom of the funnel) looks, sounds, animates very differently than the top of your funnel.

How: This can be done in-house - and we would suggest you do it with input from your existing. clients t0 ensure. you are designing a customer centric experience. Independent consultants can also make all the difference.

9. Mindset

Why: This is not. your grand daddy's sales call. And it certainly isn't the sales & Marketing we've done in the last decade. Not getting this right costs a business a lot: revenue and use cases are the obvious, but also morale, culture, productivity, staff turnover and a dream that feels more impossible than accessible.

How: Leverage other people's experiences, talk to your network, ask for support, and try. out 45-Minute workshop guaranteed to shift your perception about what's possible, what are the immediate wins now, and what a sketched out plan forward looks like for you.

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