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Sam Glynn

Enterprise Sales

My motto:

How you do anything, is how you do everything.

Worthy reminder... 

When not working, I am... 

Coralling a bunch of 8 yr olds as they swing sticks (aka Hurleys) at each other. 

Sam in one word? 


A Bit About Me

Better climate and better Guinness greeted me as I left Limerick, and headed East to Dublin for some IT work experience way back when! 


I would invest the next 15 years putting my computer science degree to work for Regulated Financial Services firms (I was a software developer. project manager, program manager, and customer relationship manager) before packing it in to check out a few rabbit holes, including; GDPR, Data Protection, and Cyber Security - all sides of the same (3D) cyber coin. 


Today, I advise regulated FS firms on IT-related subjects, including how to safely and successfully onboard FinTechs who think they are a solution but are experienced by the firm as a risk. 


I use my experience and industry knowledge to deliver pragmatic advice for FinTechs selling into Regulated FS firms on: how to get the most from your go-to-market strategy, navigating vendor management teams, getting past procurement, to what to expect that firm's CISO to be looking for. Sometimes, I have a lot to say about whether you should consider being ISO'd. 

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Areas of Expertise

Regulated Financial Services Firms

As well as those who sell to these firms.


Whom I work with:


- For ongoing staff training ad testing engagements, I typically work with an HR or Operations manager to agree on the scope and frequency of the training and testing.

- For one-off/board training engagements, I typically work with an executive or senior Operations manager to identify an appropriate scope and agenda for the session.

- For in-depth/advisory engagements, I typically work with an executive or senior manager in the firm who is accountable for IT, even though IT is not their primary area of expertise.

FinTechs selling into Regulated FS firms

Data Protection

Third-Party Risk

Cyber Security

Procurement Matters

Vendor Management Teams

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