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Business Development & Cybersecurity

Capitalising on new ideas, growth and technology requires clarity, insight, experience and alignment with business priorities and the expectations of the Central Bank, that flexes and adapts to changing market conditions. 


Growth is hard. Only 25% of companies consistently achieve their targets and it’s only getting more challenging. Even the best placed organisations are required to consistently learn, develop and assess the landscape at faster rates.


We excel in supporting firms with Business Development and Cybersecurity.


Clarity and insights from the faces, spaces and places that matter to drive informed decisions that yield the greatest impact. 


The What, Why and Where of the business with the highest probability of success, with the support of the organisation is where this begins.


The difference between getting a good return on investment or defending the lost investment, positioning is often misplaced when it matters most. 


Whether the need is to create, iterate, refine or improve, we support FinTech products for an Enterprise sales ready environment. 


Automation for competitive advantage or compliance and regulations; we provide audits, assessments and alignment of technology that best protects the business.

Business Transformation

Change happens, making that change pay off can be difficult to achieve when you're in it. Facilitating  transformation with outside experts can be a huge advantage.

The Metaverse & Digital Assets

Conclusions and Recommendations for USA Credit Unions.


Leo Cullen

Final API Report.png

API-First-Ecosystem Design

A no-code look at API-First-Ecosystem-Design for Financial Services.


Leo Cullen

Meet the Business Team:

Leo Cullen

Business Development

Sam Glynn

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