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Company Culture typically wants to be Reinforced, Reimagined, or have a complete Rethink to ensure its operating effectively. The nervous system of a company, Culture will support NextGen Performance, or it will drain it. 

From Wellbeing in the workplace that recognises the role of PTSD at work, to Change Management and Executive Leadership, we work with organisations to support strategic KPIs across a number of areas. 

Free Education Workshops from the Trauma-Informed Series

Consulting, Advisory, Training and Executive Leadership

It all begins with a 45-min
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The Future of Sustainable and Profitable Growth is Brain-Body-Mind-Business.

Neuroscience makes it impossible for us to continue to ignore the role of the brain-body in business. Actually, it suggests to bring it front & Center

The lingering effects of chronic stress can be touched and analysed similar to how a stroke leaves a lesion on the brain. Often, the individual has undiagnosed cPTSD and completely unawares to look for it.


As neuro-technology advances what we can see, science advances what we can do.  And today, we can do a lot with the brain and body, to ensure it is front and center with mind and business. 

The Future will have us all Trauma-Informed as the sheer numbers of professionals struggling with the lingering effects of stress continues to rise.

Through a combination of psycho-education, physiological and psychological resources, and solid business growth acumen, we can better support our people to flourish at work, life and play and business to sustainable and profitably, grow.

Individuals, teams, and leadership, can choose from a range of resources that combine brain-body-mind-business for more growth, more flow in work, life and play.

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is a powerful competitive advantage

Consulting, Advisory, Training & Executive Coaching

A Trauma-Informed Approach to Business Growth

If the situation is known to be chronic, the solution for it is found somewhere in a

brain-body-mind-business approach to transforming it

Wellbeing in the Workplace

Prioritising the wellbeing of your workforce and place, you create a resilient and thriving environment that not only supports individual growth but also fuels sustained high performance and growth in the ever-evolving landscape of today's business world.

Gen Harmony x5

With 5 Generations now at work, the opportunity for friction and misunderstanding has never been higher. Gen Diversity is best supported using a Hierarchy of Values, with Effective Communications specifically applied to the workforce in the room.

PTSD in the Workplace

If we take Covid alone, then nearly 50% of the workforce has suffered mental health issues as a result of lockdown. PTSD leaks in the workplace in at least 13 different ways stifling growth, innovation and disrupting communication. 

DiSC Personality Profiling

A tech driven tool that offers a measure of interpersonal behaviour at work. It classifies how we interact in terms of four personality styles: Drive, Influence, Support, and Clarity and used to improve productivity and communications

Psych Safety

The foundation upon which. a great culture is made. Feeling safe at work to speak up, challenge, disagree, test and put one's hand up is celebrated by Google as the most important factor in their success.

Change Management

These days, there is only change. Our Adaptability Quotient is key to success.  Effectively managing change on the micro and macros levels of an organisations is the difference between seizing opportunities and being lost in an attempted pursuit of them.

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Away Days


“Interesting day, but not sure what it did for us”.


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